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The Facilities

The Hockey Center in Wildey Barbados provides high quality playing surfaces and facilities. We not only accommodate the Island's Field Hockey, but we also provide facilities for many events and activities; hosting events for other sports, as well as entertainment events such as water festivals!

Main Field

Our main field is a sand in-fill, short-blade artificial grass surface from Forbex, Argentina, installed over a level concrete base. It measures 300 ft x 180 ft and is marked for Outdoor Hockey (H11). Flanking the main field is our open air technical area to the west and our new pavilion to the east. We also have restrooms and a concessionaire on the compound to cater to your needs.


Small Field

Our small field is 18m x 36m and is marked for Indoor Hockey. Located on the southern side of the compound, the small field is a water-based, very-short-blade, artificial grass surface from AstroTurf. It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities - including kids Hockey, wrestling, bocce, futsal, yoga, fitness and more!

Join Us!

Over the course of a standard Hockey year, we welcome many overseas teams and clubs for a variety of Hockey tours at all levels - adult, college, and youth. Many visiting teams come as multi-sport teams, and we welcome them all. We look forward and hope to be welcoming you as well in the very near future. 

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