Field hockey is one of the oldest competitive sports. Field hockey dates back well before the Ancient Olympic Games. Nobody really knows the exact date field hockey began, although 4,000-year-old drawings have been found in the tomb of Beni-Hasen in the Nile Valley of Egypt indicating that men were playing a sport that experts are almost positive was a form of field hockey. Throughout the centuries, different variations of the game have been played by many different cultures, such as Greeks, Romans, Ethiopians and Aztecs. Field hockey predates the Romans and Greeks. It was played by the Egyptians at least as far back as 2500 BC, and perhaps before 2800 BC. The ancient Greeks adopted field hockey from the Egyptians. No images survive from Rome showing field hockey but references are scarce. The fact that field hockey survived into the Middle Ages in Europe seems to confirm its popularity with the Romans. The French, Dutch, and others played field hockey, or variations of field hockey that went by the names Cambuca and Chole. The British knew this game as Bandy Ball. The Dutch came up with a variation played by teams in which the ball was hit by a crook towards a target. Later, this game became an individual sport known as Kolf, which the Scottish call Golf.



Hockey, as it is called in most other countries, has the distinction of being the largest team sport played by both men and women in the world.

Barbados Hockey Federation Inc.

History of Hockey

BHF Inc.

The Barbados Hockey Federation Inc. is the governing body for Field Hockey in the country Barbados. The 'Federation' is charged with the development and growth of the sport in Barbados.


The BHF is incorporated and subsequently guided by a 13 member Board of Directors, led by a President. To assist with administration and development, the BHF utilises various committees and voluntary steering posts to guide and direct in the following areas:


  • Disciplinary (Committee) (meets when required)

  • Appeals (Committee) (meets when required)

  • Hockey Operations Committee

  • Director, National Team Programmes

  • Executive Council

  • Director, Facilites & Maintenace Operations

  • Marketing & Public Relations Officer

  • Festivals (Committee)

  • Head, Youth & Development



Committees are led by a Chairperson appointed by the 'Board' and comprises at least three (3) members chosen by the Board in consultation with the slected Chairperson.


BHF By-Laws, Rules & Regulations

The  By-Law relating generally to the transaction of affairs for the BHF Inc., can be dowloaded by clicking on the below link:


BHF Inc - By-Law (2007)


The Rules & Regulations that can be cited as the Barbados Hockey Federation Rules & Regulations, can be downloaded by clicking on the below link:


BHF Inc - Rules & Regulations (2008)